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Hear what my previous clients in your current spot had to say:

"Nilly is inspiring and encouraging. Whatever you may be trying to do in life, listening to Nilly is a good thing."

— Mark Steel: TEDx speaker | Leadership Consultant | Author

"Nilly is a proactive and reliable person to work with. She is incredibly creative and knowledgeable in her field. She's a captivating public speaker and knows how to present ideas in an inspiring and relatable manner. It's a joy working with her!"

— Sina Port: Adidas Brand Communication Strategy | Founder of Shared Diversity

"She is very focused and practical. I highly recommend Nilly!"

— Sadie Frey: Graphic Design and Communications Coordinator

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At the end of each session, I feel ready and know exactly what action steps I have to take next. I love that she takes the guesswork out of it.

— Anees Ilizah

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Her talk left a lasting impression with me and other members. I look forward to hearing more from this impressive young woman!

— Daphne Dickens-King: TEDx Speaker | Results Oriented Strategist

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Honestly, I'm so grateful I came across her. It's hard finding like minded people that want to help you grow. Found a lifelong mentor and friend :)

— Azalia Arana